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7 Valuable Lessons About Polo Shirts That You`ll Never Forget
Corporate Polo Shirts (aka - Company Polo Shirts) will be the basis of many businesses staff uniform but how do you ensure you get it right for your company? Smarter than a T-shirt and much less formal than a shirt, the Corporate Polo can often provide just the right balance between style and substance but like any item of corporate clothing it must be ideal for the working environment and be able to deliver wearer comfort & value-for-money.
It might sound obvious but a Polo Shirt just isn`t an item of safety clothing, so it`s vital that your company (or a suitably qualified person) execute a risk assessment. Anyone involved with hazardous work requires special consideration, which is the reason why today`s article is only intended to handle Corporate and light industrial applications - for which the first choice is fabric.
polo company shirts Shirts tend to be worn as a base layer (next to the skin), so it is important to think about the temperature of the office - your staff certainly will not thank you should they are too hot (or too cold)!
In this particular regard, the choice between Cotton and Polyester (or a mixture of the 2) will be as relevant as the load of the fabric itself: Cotton is a natural fibre and is therefore kind to the skin as well as secure to wear BUT a synthetic fabric, such as Polyester, might be more robust and simpler to care for. This is why virtually all Corporate Polo Shirts are made of fabric with a blend of both Cotton & Polyester fibres.
The exact choice depends on a number of factors, so it`s best to speak to your supplier for specific advice but as a general guideline, Cotton Polo Shirts in 220 to 250gsm weight fabric will normally be reserved for office & clerical staff, whilst Cotton/Polyester in 180 to 220gsm weight are mainly used for Company Polo Shirts in light industrial fabrication & engineering.
Polo Shirts are obtainable in quite a few styles; usually they come with two or three button opening (placket) at the neck, a rib knit collar and short sleeves but you`ll find additional options and several of these can be useful, such as an extended back panel (to keep the wearers lower back warm) and side vents (for ease of movement).
Colours need to be considered in light of your corporate logo and if there`s not just a similar colour available from stock then go along with a complimentary colour or (if you require sufficient quantity) perhaps a bespoke Polo, manufactured to match your company colour/s.
For Corporate Polos there can really be only one choice and that`s embroidery. An embroidered Polo Shirt looks so much smarter than one that`s printed and conveys an air of quality that`s hard to obtain with every other type of embellishment. The traditional placement for the company logo is on the left or right chest but an increasing number of companies are adding additional embroidery to the chest, sleeves and back for example the company website, brand names and sometimes individual wearer names (even though this does limit the potential to reuse the garment, if a member of staff should leave).
It`s important that the supplier digitises the image correctly for use on Polo Shirt fabric and uses the proper backing but a knowledgeable embroiderer shall do this as a matter of-course. Sometimes it can be necessary to make minor adjustments to a company logo, for example raising the thickness of fine lines or perhaps the size of small text to be able to give a great result but again your supplier should discuss this with you and advise how it is possible to show your logo to best effect.
Having the correct Polo Shirt will help your company portray a professional image, to both visitors as well as the wider business community. An attractive and comfortable Company Polo can also help unify your staff and motivate them to work with the company, rather than just for the company.
Unfortunately, Corporate Polo Shirts tend to be seen as little more than a cost to the company and it can be tempting for buyers and owners to look towards the cheapest option but if that suggests presenting a poor image or replacing the garments sooner than expected, then what is the real cost?
Sometimes the main difference between a cheap garment and also the right garment is measured in pennies. With the correct choices and also the right supplier, your Corporate Polo Shirts should represent real value-for-money and that is a much more savvy way of protecting your bank balance for the long-term.
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