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Playing Online Casino 6
Gambling is one type of recreation activity that lots of people cannot resist. Fortune, fame, and money, those are the major reasons why they continue to play games in both land based and fantastic online casino gambling casinos. And in spite of the risks and dangers that will come into a gambler`s way, range of those whom engage within this thing is still elevating.
But one question strikes into my mind: \"where do people really gamble the most? Land based or internet casino?\" upon getting curious I made a survey/research and asked many people who play gambling games regularly. And here`s the result: gamblers usually play their favorite games in the internet most often. Meaning, if you will look from a bird`s view, you shall see that the number of online gamblers are higher than those that play in a local casino. And in accordance with a survey done in Atlantic City, online gambling appeals more to women than men. While in Sydney, Australia, 92% of all online gamblers are male.
Getting in to the result, another question strikes into my mind: \"what are the reasons why people have a tendency to hate land based casinos and switch to online gambling?\" Here is what I have got:
Inconvenience - The advancement of technology within this present generation brings a great deal of convenience that you can now just sit and relax while playing. While in land based gambling houses, you still have to wave your way to the nearest casino if you want to play (there is an exemption to those who will be just a couple of blocks away).
Easier said than done, obstacles are surely in your way for example heavy traffic, expenses for gasoline (if you have a car), pollution, other expenses like food, drinks, tips, transportation and several more. And those hindrances will `cause you intense stress that can probably find yourself in losing your hard earned money.
Gamblers with bad attitude and behavior - Whether you like it or not, you definitely will probably encounter those that have no good manners and right conduct in the casino like people that play drunk, shouting foul words, and every other attitude that you`ll not like. If you will just let them do what they want, losing your concentration would be the result. If you confront them, it might turn in to a fight. So you will need to choice but to just get used to it.
No Personal Privacy - If you`re good at playing poker, chances are you can attract huge number of crowd within your back. Good should they stay silent. But sometimes they keep on talking and talking with each other, giving their opinion of what is the top move, etc. That if I were the player, I would surely be annoyed with them.
Noisy and Polluted Environment - Most casino houses allow gamblers to smoke and drink inside their establishment, which is just not in favor with those who don`t smoke and drink. About the noise, combining the sounds of slot machines, roulette, plus yelling gamblers, it shall surely create a very annoying sound which will interrupt your concentration.
No Casino Bonuses - Among the sweetest rewards that an online gambler can get from a gambling website is the online casino bonuses which can`t be found in a land based casino. Sad but true, the moment you enter a real gambling house, you will for sure see things written above, those will be the things which will welcome you. Unlike if you play online, when you get your account, you`ve got automatically gained the so-called \"welcome bonus\" that you can use to add to your bankroll.
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