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SRM NCR Is Regarded As The Best Campus For Specialised Studies In India

The NCR Campus of SRM University is one of the leaders in world-class education in India.

Get diploma courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as doctoral degrees in the field of Science and Humanities, inshot management and engineering from the No. 1 private university in the country. With a faculty strength of 1,500 and close to 20,000 students pursuing various courses in different field of studies, SRM has made a name for itself as the top-ranked education institute in the world.

The institute belongs to the SRM Group of Educational Institutes that has been serving to nurture young Indian minds for the last 40 years, with provisions for quality education in the frontier areas.

With global connections, exciting prospects for research, a flexible and dynamic curriculum structure, and a team of foreign faculty members, SRM is set apart from other institutes in the country.

Computer forensics, embedded systems, GIS, remote sensing, genetic engineering, bio-informatics, and nanotechnology are some of the cutting edge programs that candidates can choose from. A number of these courses are offered in close collaboration with top universities from all around the world.

The institution has been approved by the Union HRD Ministry and UGC along with a recent accreditation from NAAC. SRM University is now in the process of obtaining a re-accreditation. The GFK Model Survey conducted by the Education Times magazine, Times of India, ranked them as the front-runners as far as multi-stream education in the country was concerned (medical and engineering studies were the ones to come into contention).

The various educational establishments of the SRM Group are closely associated with leading colleges and universities in popular education destinations such as Switzerland, New Zealand, Korea, UK, and US, among others.

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Considered to be the best campus in the country where you can lead a grand life during your college days, SRM NCR campus is located at Modinagar along the Delhi-Meerut highway.

Set amidst a lush green lawn environment that stretches over many acres, it has a number of topographical features housed all around. The campus is appropriately located so as to provide the perfect environment that nurtures the creative and innovative spirit in the mind.

There are clean and wide roads connecting various parts within the campus. The academic building is where various teaching activities are carried out such as communication skills and personality development. These are derived so as to help the students at SRM emerge as good leaders of the nation in every walk and sphere of their professionals as well as individual life.

Take a walk around the campus and you will never miss the unmistakable aroma of learning prevalent in the surrounding atmosphere. The teachers and students work together to share an abyss of knowledge which creates a zone of comfort and compatibility around this best campus of SRM University.

SRMIMT has the among engineering colleges in Delhi and it also have the best sports facilities.To know more about SRMIMT, visit the web page of SRMIMT.
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